Alabástrom Dimitrij "Kocka"

Black Russian Terrier

Kocka was my second dog. I bought him quite deliberately at the time when Kobak was already old. Kocka was born on 29th November, 1996 in Lilla Takács's kennel. In 1998 I wrote a brief description of the breed for a dog magazine.

"The largest member of the terrier family. A relatively young breed, it was developed in Russia in the 1960s. It is an all-purpose working dog, simple to train, with an easy temperament. A very intelligent breed, it is a good guard dog, an excellent tracker and a keen sports-dog. It requires plenty of attention and regular exercise. It would happily accompany its owner everywhere, even if it means spending long spells waiting for the owner to finish in the shop or the post office. It does not shed its hair, but requires regular cosmetic care.
It becomes very attached to its owner, but it is affectionate towards all members of the family. It is distrustful of strangers. It never attacks if not provoked, but if it must, it will protect its territory and master ferociously and without fear. Because of its easy temperament, it can be kept with other dogs and animals. This breed is recommended to experienced dog owners with ample time for long daily walks and plenty of attention. This dog will reward such an owner by being the best friend they will ever have."

Kocka is very old now, but remains the kind, incredibly intelligent and disciplined dog it has ever been.