Reddevil Karl "Prézli"

Petit Brabancon (Griffon)

Prézli came to the family by accident. We had known him since he was a puppy, and we often accompanied him and his owner on their walks. He was a happy, playful puppy, and always attracted attention with his slightly odd expression. He weighed six kilos, but he was convinced that he was an enormous dog, and behaved accordingly. He was a good pointer, but, of course, never harmed a person, or another animal.
Kocka was devoted to him. When Prézli's owner went on holiday, he came to stay with us. At these times, both Kocka and Prézli were happier than they could ever be when apart. Prézli spent more and more time with us, and eventually we realised, that he had become our dog for good. We went everywhere together, and we developed a very tight bond. I took him to many shows, and he has won a number of impressive prizes at home and abroad. Sadly, in January 2004 he died quite unexpectedly. We still miss him enormously. Suddenly Kocka grew very old. We must be careful not to say Prézli's name in front of him, or he starts to shiver quite violently.